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Mike Bacon

Mike Bacon was born and raised in North Palm Beach, Florida and has been a professional underwater and nature photographer for the past 28 years. 


His photographs have appeared in hundreds of books, newspapers, magazines, calendars, educational textbooks and encyclopedias for years and are still regularly published around the world.  National Geographic, Natures Best, Sierra Club, National and International Wildlife, Audubon, Bird Watchers Digest, Ranger Rick , Underwater USA, Skin Diver Magazine, and World Wildlife Fund are just a few of the many publishers that have paid to use his work.

Mike’s travels have taken him around the world.  He has visited every continent in pursuit of his passion and has dove hundreds of pristine reefs around the globe.  He is equally at home both above and below the oceans.  In 1989, Mike began to display his photographs for exhibit and sale in galleries and upscale Art Festivals throughout the country. In a very short period of time he became quite successful in this endeavor, winning first, second and third place awards in photography along with many honor awards his very first year. 


This avenue has rewarded Mike with great satisfaction by allowing him to share his love and knowledge of his subject matter with the public, and reliving these special moments experienced while traveling and photographing around the world.

His unique and vibrantly colored photographs represent years and countless hours spent underwater and in the wild, patiently and sometimes impatiently, waiting for just the right moment when the interactions of light, composition, and opportunity come together in unison and allow Mike to capture some once in a lifetime images. 


His passion and love for the great outdoors and the ocean realm knows no bounds.  Mike’s work is currently being exhibited in galleries, airports, hospitals and Fine Art Festivals throughout Florida. 

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